Hogwarts love story part four

I love Harry Potter and have wrote a few fan fictions ( that will be posted on Wattpad soon.)but i never though about a quiz until i found calypso and natuhleeg. They inspired me and my writing so please read on.

You will understand the story better if you read all my quizzes.There not made but there ok.Will you get the Hogwarts boy of your dreams? Or will you realize your in love with someone else?

Created by: lostinlove13
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  1. The door swings open ans Snape roughly pushes you into the front part of Dumbledore office."Wait there I won't be long and with a glint in his eye he leaves you in the office.
  2. you wander over to the sorting hat and touch it."Hello,____ did you hit another student? Tut,tut,tut.I awayls knew you where a gryffindor. Brave enough to fight for a friend or a love.I can tell though that your confused about feelings that your stuck in a white room."You look at him questioningly," ah, your feelings have not made themselves clear.Remeber this. The greatest lie is sprung from your greatest friend while the greatest love is sprung from the greatest hate."Your about to ask what he means when the door opens. Who do you hope it is?
  3. It's Oliver-dripping from head to toe in snow."Hey_____ I heard about the fight between you and Draco. That was the best slap ever.So proud of you." Oliver pulls you into a bear hug,squashing the breath out of you."That's it Mr.Wood your here for a serous reason."Professor mcgonagall declares.
  4. " Why are you here?"You ask Oliver curiously."Got in a fight with Marcus Finch-slytherin captain.He called you a name so I hit him." Your taken aback for a minute but then laugh,loud.Earning daggers of the Professor."looks like where both in trouble for physical violence."You laugh even harder and Oliver laughs to.Suddenly, the door opens; Snape and Dumbledore walk out.
  5. "You have it easy _____,there is no punishment for physical hurt as there has been no fighting for two decades meaning that we only punish fights with wands."
  6. "But if it happens again there will be new rules and you will both be expelled." Oliver and you walk out laughing into the corridor."I cannot believe I wasn't expelled for that.I reckon I nearly broke his nose." Oliver nods and laughs but suddely turns a shade brighter than red."What's up?" You look away from Oliver and see Draco and Marcus walking towards you."Falling in love with a third year have you Wood? I heard that you had no punishments so I think healthy revenge is in order. Watch your little girlfriend Oliver she might just fall for someone else." Marcus laughs and you just grab Oliver's hand and whisk him away.
  7. You walk into the gryffindor room to a loud cheer."Give it up for the slytherin slayers!"Fred and George shout before running over to congratulate you."best slap ever they said.I am not getting on the bad side of you Missy."George says and hugs you then Fred then Ron and then Neville hug you.But,with Harry it was different that kiss meant something but it wasn't it for you.so you grin and wave. (Awkwardly.)
  8. So I know this quiz is a bit short but that's the end.I had trouble coming up with an ending so i just stopped. Next quiz=romance blooms with your greatest enemy and a Hogsmeade trip to remember.
  9. Thanks to all those who have read all my quizzes because you do need to and to those who actually follow them.I know there not that good but I try. So Thanks!
  10. Favorite initials??????

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