How Does Your Crush Feel About You?

We as humans, of course have our crushes, best friends and loves. And many of us will wonder: "Do the they like me back?" and all of that sort of stuff... because it is only normal! It's normal to question the love between you and a normal person, or stress about how things are going, ect. But if you are really questioning you and another's love, here's a place where you can test it.

Does YOUR crush or lover truly love you back? Or are they focused on something else than the lovey-dovey stuff? You can check it out here, but remember it is only a quiz. AHEM: Read the parting words at the end.

Created by: tomboykaitie

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  1. Where did you and your crush meet?
  2. What signs have they been showing back?
  3. How do you feel about them?
  4. Use your best judgement on the following questions, alright? And be honest, even if it hurts.
  5. You're moving. How does your crush react?
  6. You are very sick, but decide to come into work/school anyway. How does your crush react?
  7. Do you and your crush have stuff in common?
  8. You two are hanging out at the movies. What are you two most-likely to do throughout while the movie is playing?
  9. How do you personally think they feel about you?
  10. How do they act around you?
  11. You were sitting nearby your crush. How do they act?
  12. You started crying. What do they do?
  13. It's your birthday! When do they say Happy Birthday?
  14. Are you two already dating?
  15. How often have you two fought?
  16. What do you think got their attention?
  17. You've gained a few pounds. How do they react?
  18. Do you love them?

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Quiz topic: How Does my Crush Feel About You?