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  • OMG I GOT LOVE!!!!!!!!! His name is Caleb and I met him last night when I went camping with our church's youth group. We sat bext to each other, he tickled me, we fought over a gigantic nail, he bit me, I bit him back, he kept biting stirofoam off of his cup and trying to spit it on me, and we had a great time together. I hope he asks me out at church tomorrow! Really looking forward to seeing him

  • My crush loves me, I already knew that, we've known each other for years, but suddenly everything changed when we were together a lot, he started being really shy. Now his best friend is the only one who teases us, because my crushes best friend and my ex bff are the only ones who know about liking each other, though his bff might not know I like him... HE has shown many signs, we've even been to the movies together...and two dances... Don't hate.

  • Love (: lemme tell ya sumthin. Comment bak if ya think this is Love between me & my crush:) I'm in 6th grade.

    So it all started in 4th grade. We werein the same class for thee first time, I told my friend that I liked him since I sat nxt 2 him for the whole year.(: We were always the trouble makers & made eachother laugh. But then in 5th grade, my heart was broken for 2 reasons. 1st, he wasn't in my class.D: 2nd, while he was in the other class the girl I HATE sat next to him. She told all her friends that she liked him and she thhought he liked her bak. But in the middle of 5th grade, thre was a rumor spreading thru both classes that HE liked ME!!;)) And yes, my friend in the other class started it becus she had proof!!!!!! She also sat next to him and there was a little piece of paper in his desk in brite bold letters that said H + L =

  • Crush Back! Yay!

    Soon will be my b-day, I hope he'll greet me Happy B-day!

    My crush is in the same classes as me, acts different of other guys, funny (VERY! He's the class monkey!), smiles and laughs a lot, likes hockey, football, soccer.

    I also have his email but he never emails me. I think he has mine.

    - :)

  • How Does Your Crush Feel About You?
    Your Result: Crush Back

    Your crush has some funny feelings for you, there is no doubting that. They may not be sure if it's full-on love yet, but it's still a crush, and that's someting to be happy about. (Tips and Advice: If they show signs of liking you back, then show your signs back. Just be yourself -because faking will get you nowhere, and they have crushed on you back BECAUSE you were yourself hopefully-. If things don't seem to go anywhere, it's because they are still unsure or scared to get into a relationship with you.)

  • My crush used to like me.. One of my Boy friends told him that I had a crush on him, He admitted that he has one on me too.. But he couldn't come and talk to me because his Bff likes me long ago. And I heard from a friend that he's in a RS now, But my Bff asked him again and he told her that he really likes me.. I'm not sure about his feelings now. We had our first convo and I feel like he's chasing me, He keeps flirting, He always asks me to hang out with him. I feel like he still likes me, But, what about his GF?

    Yasmina Tarek
  • My crush is like the less popular guy nobody cares about almost everybody knows me. I'm really clueless my best guy friend asked if him if he liked me and he said yes but my friend is known to lie occasionally AAAAHHH!!!! LOVE IS CRAZY!!!!

  • Thanks for taking my quiz! I hope you got the answer you were looking for. If not, I'm sorry and just know there are plenty of other people in the world =) Or that it's just a quiz. In the comments, tell me about your special someone!

  • My crush is younger than me and he has stared st me a lot before. When we met our most major similarity is we are both crazy about star wars... i hav liked him for a yr now and am sick of wondering how he feels! this quiz was awesome

  • YAY love :) im happy now :) im not 2 sure bout wat he feels 4 me cuz ive ben away from him 4 2 years cuz im in england but i just visited him 4 summer and he was the only boy that cud come 2 my party i thro :) i tink hes so HAWT he iz so tal 2

  • This is kinda freaking me out

    It's not my crush but this guy who is so annoying and who always wants to talk and I got love

    It's just disturbing

  • I got love, no doubt. I spent new year's at his place. And during day, we'd cuddle at night, and we'd cuddle again during night when his mother had gone to bed. XD And he says I'm sweet and sexy. Proof enough. :)

  • Love

    Your crush really does love you, and want to be with or at least around you. It's no crush... they really do have deep feelings for you! (Tips and Advice: If your crush refers to you as just a friend, it's because they don't want to lose you by going into a relationship. If your crush is showing signs, they feel ready to go into the relationship, and you should show signs back. If your crush doesn't pay much attention to you, at this point, they are trying not to make an ass of themselves in your company). Congratulations!

    Awwwwwww thx :P

  • hmm. i think my crush likes me but im not so sure at all.. b'coz sometimes he makes me feel that he does but sometimes he doesn't!! i don't really understand him. wahhhhh... ..but once again , thanks for the quiz !! i know that this feeling will end coz im just 14 years old and i know that there's a lot of guys out there that i haven't met yet .. :)) THANKS again for your quiz.. :'*

    lavigne lavigna
  • hi i hav a crush on a boy who i havnt seen in 2 years. weve been best friends since we were born and share all the same interests. then 1 day, just over 3 yrs ago i moved houses. 2 another state. im a sucker for tall boys with dark hair and hes about 6'1'' at age 13! im in yr 7 and i recently say a pic of him HES GOTEN SO HOT SINCE I LAST SAW HIM! i think he likes me bcos he sumtimes calls then chixkens out and hangs up and thats wat this quiz said :D i also heard that his voice broke :) i

  • YAY! i got 81!!! i hope my crush likes me back!!! hes normally like, says stuffy which are funny like: "Why you not sitting next to me for?!" then laughs, "Why you looking at me?! then laughs, "Its not funny" then he laughs :D hes a classclown that everyone likes!! ^___^ he makes me blush ALOT! he knows i like him....! but im too shy to ADMIT it!

  • Not Worth Time

    Of course I got that. He doesn't notice me, but I can't just forget him! And he isn't making it any easier. He's acting too cool.

  • Okay so I'm not sure if im bi/straight/gay or way . Yes I'm a girl and my bff (which is also a girl) I think she has feelings for me and I think I like her to and I got a 97% so yay. ^_^

  • it said love and we r like best friends already but when other ppl asked them (without my permission) she said no but im not sure tho help

  • Just the answer i expected "LOVE"my crush is always with me

  • i got best friends which is excactly the way I want it because the tip said that the best relationships are from people who were best freinds first


  • Your Result: Crush Back 93%
    Oh my gosh!

  • Love

    I wonder if its not just me getting this or is it EVERYONE??!! Or 90% of the quiz takers??? But you made me happy:D thanks for that!

  • Just the answer i expected "LOVE"my crush is always with me:)

  • Amazing quiz.! Loved it! You should make more like this!!! :DD

    Kaylyn Miller98

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