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  • Wow I know this stuff is usually stupid but I like to do it just for fun. This dude is I'm almost every single one of my classes and he doesnt know how to stop talking about how smart he is. He also runs after me to talk. It's kinda weird. I thought I might wait for him next time to talk. Lol

  • How Does Your Crush Feel About You?
    Your Result: Love 91%

    Your crush really does love you, and want to be with or at least around you. It's no crush... they really do have deep feelings for you! (Tips and Advice: If your crush refers to you as just a friend, it's because they don't want to lose you by going into a relationship. If your crush is showing signs, they feel ready to go into the relationship, and you should show signs back. If your crush doesn't pay much attention to you, at this point, they are trying not to make an ass of themselves in your company). Congratulations!

    :) I'm so happy!!! I meet my crush at a Motor cross club and he became friends with my cousin and we would hang out sometimes!! We went to the same intermediate and my best friend was in his class. Then she told me he liked me and that was before I told her I liked him!! We now go to the same collage and I want to ask him out because he hasn't had a girlfriend since intermediate ( and he could get one of he wanted) sooooo should I ask him out?? :)

  • 93% Crush back
    91% Love
    63% Best friend

    Mouad BenBH
  • Guys, this quiz isn’t accurate so don’t get your hopes up.

    • Pfft your just upset cause your crush doesn't like you :p

  • im not sure how I feel I don't know what to do I broke up with my bf just o I cold be wih him but now he is sort of ugnoring me and don't know what to do

    help anyone ????????/

  • is this for real\? has anyone tried asking out after they got love?

  • My crush loves me, I already knew that, we've known each other for years, but suddenly everything changed when we were together a lot, he started being really shy. Now his best friend is the only one who teases us, because my crushes best friend and my ex bff are the only ones who know about liking each other, though his bff might not know I like him... HE has shown many signs, we've even been to the movies together...and two dances... Don't hate.

  • yay my crush loves me too but he hasnt said anything mhhhhh i love him a lot i alwaz wish he could kiss me thanks for the quiz

  • I got love... but i thought he had a crush on my friend, at least that's what she told me...

  • i got LOVE!!!!!

    hmm.... i knew he had something, but was confused between like and love...but now- the doubt cleared. :)))

    sara roy
  • YAY! i got 81!!! i hope my crush likes me back!!! hes normally like, says stuffy which are funny like: "Why you not sitting next to me for?!" then laughs, "Why you looking at me?! then laughs, "Its not funny" then he laughs :D hes a classclown that everyone likes!! ^___^ he makes me blush ALOT! he knows i like him....! but im too shy to ADMIT it!

  • OMG I GOT LOVE!!!!!!!!! His name is Caleb and I met him last night when I went camping with our church's youth group. We sat bext to each other, he tickled me, we fought over a gigantic nail, he bit me, I bit him back, he kept biting stirofoam off of his cup and trying to spit it on me, and we had a great time together. I hope he asks me out at church tomorrow! Really looking forward to seeing him

  • Crush Back! Yay!

    Soon will be my b-day, I hope he'll greet me Happy B-day!

    My crush is in the same classes as me, acts different of other guys, funny (VERY! He's the class monkey!), smiles and laughs a lot, likes hockey, football, soccer.

    I also have his email but he never emails me. I think he has mine.

    - :)

  • now i know that my crush is has a feeling for me yeesss

  • Okay so I'm not sure if im bi/straight/gay or way . Yes I'm a girl and my bff (which is also a girl) I think she has feelings for me and I think I like her to and I got a 97% so yay. ^_^


  • Your Result: Crush Back 93%
    Oh my gosh!

  • it said love and we r like best friends already but when other ppl asked them (without my permission) she said no but im not sure tho help

  • Thanx:-)

  • I luv my crush
    He likes me a little bit it just he so cute

  • Love

    I wonder if its not just me getting this or is it EVERYONE??!! Or 90% of the quiz takers??? But you made me happy:D thanks for that!

  • My crush used to like me.. One of my Boy friends told him that I had a crush on him, He admitted that he has one on me too.. But he couldn't come and talk to me because his Bff likes me long ago. And I heard from a friend that he's in a RS now, But my Bff asked him again and he told her that he really likes me.. I'm not sure about his feelings now. We had our first convo and I feel like he's chasing me, He keeps flirting, He always asks me to hang out with him. I feel like he still likes me, But, what about his GF?

    Yasmina Tarek
  • My crush is like the less popular guy nobody cares about almost everybody knows me. I'm really clueless my best guy friend asked if him if he liked me and he said yes but my friend is known to lie occasionally AAAAHHH!!!! LOVE IS CRAZY!!!!

  • My crush is younger than me and he has stared st me a lot before. When we met our most major similarity is we are both crazy about star wars... i hav liked him for a yr now and am sick of wondering how he feels! this quiz was awesome

  • Love???
    Oh good god I'm going to die.

  • Amazing quiz.! Loved it! You should make more like this!!! :DD

    Kaylyn Miller98

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