How does he ACTUALLY feel about you?

Hey guys, this is another relationship quiz! This is a fun one about how to tell what a guy thinks of you. This is based on body language and actions. WARNING: These may be things you didn’t even pay attention to. That’s confusing. But they are simple little psychological things people do when they like you or don’t like you.

This is mostly yes or no, so hopefully it’s not too bad. No matter what the answer is, it says nothing about you as a person. Hopefully you take something away from this :)

Created by: Lol
  1. Does he ever yawn in your presence?
  2. When he talks about other girls, how does he reference them?
  3. Have you ever been caught in an awkward silence when you were with him?
  4. Does he ever look at his phone when he’s around you?
  5. Has he ever offered to pay in full for something?
  6. Has he ever checked out your music after you told him what you listen to?
  7. Has he ever let you keep something of his? (Sweatshirt, pencil, etc.)
  8. Does he ever seem creepy?
  9. Has he ever given you a group invite to something?
  10. Does he have any nicknames for you?
  11. Does he dress/look nice whenever he’s around you?
  12. If he’s seen you sad, did he ever comfort you?
  13. When he texts you, does he use playful emojis?
  14. Has he ever stuttered while talking to you?
  15. Does he ever diss any guy friends of yours?
  16. Does he flirt with you significantly more than others?
  17. Does he say your name a lot when he talks to you?
  18. Does he ever show signs of chivalry? (Holding doors, pulling a chair, offering you the chair)
  19. Does he ever go out of his way for you?
  20. When he talks to you, does he ramble on?
  21. Does his Addams Apple ever bob up and down when he talks to you?
  22. Does he ever try to get you alone? Like approach you and try to be with just you and not just in groups?
  23. When he first sees you, is there a sense of being awestruck ever?
  24. How does his voice sound around you?
  25. When he gives you a hug, what is it like?
  26. Has he ever talked about his body? (Any part, hair, eyes, face, etc.)
  27. Does he ever groom himself when he’s around you? (Hair, adjusting, fixing clothes, etc.)
  28. Does he act super outrageous around you?
  29. When you walk in the room, and he’s slouching, does he ever adjust his posture to sit up straight?
  30. If he gets the chance, does he ever defend you?
  31. Does he ever put his hand closer to his crotch when you’re in the room?
  32. Does he ever laugh at things that aren’t funny around you?
  33. Has he ever blushed in your presence?
  34. When he talks to you, does he use hand gestures?
  35. Has he ever asked in any way if you were taken?
  36. Does he ever stare at you?
  37. Does he ever tilt his head backwards just naturally when he talks to you?
  38. Is he ever very tense around you?
  39. Does he ever look at you with a half smile?
  40. Are any of his exes/girls he’s liked anything like you?
  41. If you ever make advances or flirt with him, does he pick up on them?
  42. Do your conversations with him ever go to love topics?
  43. Say you change something about your style. Does he ever compliment you or notice that change?
  44. If you throw a party and invite him, does he come?
  45. Does he ever talk about hooking up with or liking other girls in front of you?
  46. When you tell him something fun you did, or something great you accomplished, how does he respond?
  47. Does he ever avoid you?
  48. Has he ever forgotten your name, or called you someone else’s name?
  49. Does he respond to your texts, calls, or Snapchats?
  50. Does he ever just make really mean comments to you?
  51. Does he openly flirt with other girls right in front of you?
  52. Does he ever scratch his face when he’s around you/talking to you?
  53. Whenever he tells a joke or story, who does he look at first immediately after to see their reaction?
  54. Does he ever match your walking pace? (Same foot, same pace)
  55. Do his friends ever tease him or wink at him/give him smirky looks when you’re around?
  56. What tends to be his body language around you?
  57. Does he ever make physical contact with you? Like even the smallest things, that could be playful, at all?
  58. Does he ever clench his fists when he’s around you?
  59. Does he ever interrupt you when he talks to you?
  60. Do you ever cross paths with him?

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