Does anyone pay attention to me?

This quiz is extremely hard and i do not suggest anyone taking this quiz that has not known me for any less than a year. There are some wrestling questions in here but for those of you who really pay attention to me and know me then you should be able to at least make and educated guess.

How well do you know me? How well do you pay attention to the things that i say? Well if you think that you know me pretty well than i challenge you to take this quiz. If you do not feel confident that you know that much about me then please don't take this quiz unless you enjoy being insulted!

Created by: Anthony Jones
  1. My favorite movie?
  2. My Favorite sports team?
  3. My favorite Superhero
  4. My favorite 3 all time wrestlers?
  5. The highest game that i have ever bowled?
  6. What does the W in my initials stand for?
  7. My all time favorite tag team?
  8. My favorite show growing up as a kid?
  9. My favorite wrestling match of all time?
  10. My favorite car out of the six that i have owned
  11. My favorite Atlanta Braves player of all time?
  12. My least favorite sports team?
  13. My high school mascot?
  14. What is my wrestling dream match?

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