How much of FFX do you really know?

Well there are many people who play Final Fantasy X,but few who truly pay attention to the game itself.I made this just for fun,and to test and see if you pay attention to those small details and some big ones.

So are you one of those who pay attention?Or are you not?Well this quiz will help you to truly test and see if you are.Oh and please don't cheat and use that guide book of your's.You won't ever know unless you do it by memory alone!

Created by: Dustin

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  1. Ok we will be starting off easy.What's the name of the first Aeon you get?
  2. How many Different types of Character Attributes are there?
  3. How much does a Blurry Moon cost in the store?
  4. Say you wanted to get a overkill on the boss Extractor,how much must you do atleast?
  5. How many different monsters are there in Macalania,not counting bosses?
  6. How many steps is their to completeing Macalania Temple with getting the destruction sphere?
  7. How many different types of monsters are there in the Calm Lands with counting bosses?
  8. Hmm say you wanted to get a overkill on the boss Defender X,how much must you do atleast?
  9. How many different types of monsters are their in both Zanarkand and Mt.Gagazet(counting bosses)?
  10. How many steps are there in the Zanarkand Temple(not counting the ones needed for the destruction sphere)?
  11. Hmm ok I guess we can start adding a little bit harder questions now.How many steps are there in all the Temples together without counting the ones for the destruction spheres?
  12. If you were to attack the mortibody(aka Mortiorchis)only hurting it during the fight with Seymour Flux,how many times must you kill it inorder for it to kill Seymour?
  13. How much does all 4 Seymour's have in total amount of hp?
  14. How many steps must you take to get the destruction sphere in Bevelle Temple?
  15. If you was to bribe a Valaha,how much must you pay?
  16. How much does it cost to bride a Malboro?
  17. Ok,this is getting long so just 2 more questions.How many Free Agents are there for Blitzball?
  18. How many Blitzball Techniques are there total?
  19. OK,so theres one last one.In every place you visit, before you get the airship,How many different monsters and bosses are there total in all those lands?Omega Ruins doesn't count guys.

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Quiz topic: How much of FFX do I really know?