How Well do you Know Grimm?

Many people think that they know the TV show that they watch, but some actually don't. Some people don't pay very good attention to details when watching TV.

Did you pay attention during Grimm? Have you ever wondered how much actually sunk in? Well, stop wondering because thanks to this quiz that I made, you can find out!

Created by: Endercreeper94
  1. First off, what is Nick Burkthardt?
  2. Who owns the spice shop?
  3. What is Diana?
  4. What is Nick's mother's name?
  5. Who is Sean
  6. Who is Rosalee married to?
  7. How many seasons are there so far?
  8. How did Nick and Monroe first meet?
  9. Who is Juliet?
  10. Who did Nick name his son after?
  11. Is Meisner dead?
  12. What did the 7 Grimms hide in the Black Forest?
  13. What can Diana do?
  14. What can Nick do?
  15. Who is Trubel, or Terrisa Rubel?
  16. Who is Adalind Schade?
  17. What is it called when a Wessen changes form?
  18. Ok last question, what is Black Claw?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Grimm?