Are you an attention hog.

See if love attention or not like it so much. Figure out if you really love being in the center of attention. I bet you do a bunch of crazy things just go gain attention! You think you dont? prove me wrong and take this quiz!

Do you love people making eye contact with you and talking and laughing with you? Do you do outlandish things just to get attention from people who you dont even really care about?

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Your at a party and.........
You get really really drunk so you end up doing crazy things.
You drink a few beers and than try and ACT crazy, thinking your drunk when really your just tipsy.
You avoid drinking and just try and upstage the drunks by being funny.
You just laugh at the intoxicated people and try not to laugh too loud.
You take the alcahol to releive all your pain and heartache than end up crying, therefore getting to people to give you sympathy.
You know that drinking is bad so you go and tell everyone to stop drinking, therefore drawing people to think your different.
You just figured out you are infected with a fatal disease so...
You call everyone you know, tell them and than cry and blubber about it.
You hire a 24/7 on-call therapist so you'll always have someone to call and talk to about it.
You send a few emails out and make a few phone calls.
You keep silent about and just suffer in silence and than break down at work about it.
You are honored at a work convention by your boss you...
Shudder every time you halft to go up in front of everyone.
You get really self-conceince and wish you could just crawl into a hole.
You jump for joy every time he says your name in front of everyone.
You smile and bow when your called to come forward.
Your at a protest and...
You are the one up front and yelling!!
You yell and hope that you just blend in with the crowd.
You have the biggest, most bright sign and are waving it everywhere!
You stand in the back and hope no one notices that you aren't yelling.
You are forced to participate in a play you are...
Main character with the most lines so that everyone will notice you.
Behind the stage helping with the lights and such.
You are a moderatley big character and have enough lines to be remembered.
A character who has maybe five lines and only comes on stage once or twice.
You are taking a challenging class and have many questions to ask so..
You raise your hand the second class starts and dont stop asking questions.
You wait till maybe half-way through the class, raise your and speak quietly.
You raise your hand high, ask the question but add a hilairous joke.
You go up to the teacher before class and demand answers and you wont let class start unless you get your answers.
You wait till after class and subtly and queitly ask them.
You are in a conversation with your freinds and you are the one...
Who is telling all of the funny stories and making everyone laugh.
who is listening to everyone else talk and only put in your two cents every ten minutes.
who is talking and talking about yourself and demand everyone else give there input on your personality.
who is listening to someone tell a story, than you act deeply moved by it and cry.
who is listening and than following up with a story that ties into the whole conversation.
You badly twist your ankle so...
cry for help from whoever is around you and complain about the pain over and over.
You scream and shout for someone to help you.
You ask your freind to help you up and than maybe see you to the nurse.
You cry because it hurts but you tell yourself you'll be fine so you dont ask for help.
Your in a store and your in a really long line so..
you start up a conversation with someone next you and end up talking about your life.
You demand to see the manager and purposly make a scene to make your point.
You stand quietly and think of your freinds.
You say hi to the people around you and try to be patient.

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