Which one of my original characters are you?

Hi welcome to my quiz. I am super glad you clicked on this quiz. It is fun and simple except for the fact that it has 15 questions instead of my usual 10.

So, I have something to tell you. B) means a sunglasses face if you didn't already know. You will need this fact to get through the quiz. Also there is a MILD LANGUAGE warning. Rated PG. this quiz is rated PG. But you don't have to ask your parents. You're good.

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  1. Welcome to my quiz. First of all, do you like candy?
  2. What is wrong with you?
  3. What is great about you?
  4. At a pizza restaurant, what is your role?
  5. Are you an introvert, extrovert, or a bit of both?
  6. At a party, what is your role?
  7. What do people call you?
  8. What do YOU call PEOPLE?
  9. Is "idiot" a swear word?
  10. Do you know the f word
  11. Will you comment
  12. Will you rate
  13. Will you share
  14. Will you screenshot
  15. Bye

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Quiz topic: Which one of my original characters am I?