How much does he like you?

(THIS QUIZ IS ONLY FOR GIRLS SO GUYS STAY OUT OF IT) Many girls in the world have a crush on guys. Some they think are cute, some just kind, some TOTALLY hot, and some simply gentle and sincere.

So? Take this quiz and find out if your crush has a crush on YOU! He may adore you, he may not. Take this quiz to find out! You might be surprised with your results!

Created by: Rosy Romance
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of the following descriptions best suit your hair type?
  2. How many days a week do you see your crush?
  3. How often do you catch *him* staring at you?
  4. You run into your crush the day you turn sixteen, and he says,
  5. You wear your prettiest outfit--a long swishing pink skirt and lovely white top--to church/school on Valentine's Day, and your crush says:
  6. How often do you shower and shave your legs?
  7. How often does he touch you in any way like punch or tickle you?
  8. What do you normally wear when you see your crush?
  9. What you do normally say to *him* when you greet each other after a long absence?
  10. Choose a random word...
  11. What is your opinion of your crush?
  12. Are you gorgeous?
  13. How much make up do you wear?
  14. Do you talk about your crush with your friends?
  15. How much time do you spend in front of the mirror?
  16. How did you like my quiz?
  17. Good-bye. I'm finally done.
  18. Sorry just have to annoy ya'll with another question. How old do ya think I am?
  19. I just wanted to reach my max of 20 questions. So I've decided to have another one...or more like a statement. I SEE HIM!!!!!

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