Does your crush like you too?

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There are so many fish (guys) in the sea (the world). But when you see that one that's cute, warm, sweet, generous, or funny, we girls have a tendency to fall for them.

So how do you know he has the same feelings for you? Well, for one thing, it takes time to figure out his love languages, mannerisms, and personality before you know. I want to remind you that these are common standard guidelines... Even for the ones you don't really like.

Created by: Ashley Rose

  1. When your crush first sees you, does he smooth his hair, pull at his shirt, or lick his lips?
  2. Does he crack silly puns, jokes, or humorous phrases a lot?
  3. Observe his body language. Are his legs hip-width apart, his hand causally on his hips, or his his whole body even facing you constantly (especially when he's looking at you)?
  4. Does he wink at you, flash you a small glance/smile, rub your shins under the table with his shoes, stares then when you catch his eye look away promptly? (These are signs of flirting)
  5. Does he ask you if you want to go places with him?
  6. Does he nudge closer when you're sitting down, slide closer when you're standing next to each other, or follow you?
  7. When you laugh at his antics or jokes, do you notice a look of satisfaction?
  8. Does he like to be alone with you?
  9. You pull out your cellular device. Your Crush: "What game is that?" You: "(insert fav. game here)" Crush: "oh I hate that game!" You: it's my favorite game ever!!" Your crush plays it on your phone. Crush (two minutes later): "OMG! Best game EVER!!" You think: "ugh. Your killin me."
  10. Has he called you cute/pretty/beautiful/hot/ect. to his friends?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you too?