How much do you like him¿

Do you really like him? Or is it just simple crush? Maybe you don't even truly like him at all? Maybe you guys will end up marrying each other or something lol.

If you think you really like him, take this short quiz to figure out cause you have no idea how much you really do like him. Then you should take a quiz on if he likes you to see if you guys are really right...

Created by: Marissa
  1. How funny is he?
  2. How long have you liked him
  3. How nice is he?
  4. Have you ever tried telling anybody about how you truly feel about him?
  5. What do you see in him?
  6. Do you like anybody besides him at this time?
  7. If you see other girls hanging out with him, how do you feel?
  8. Have you ever dated him?
  9. How cute or beautiful or whatever is he?
  10. How is he cute, beautiful, or whatever?
  11. How do you talk around him
  12. Admit it, you think of the worse things to say around him
  13. On social media, how do you treat him?
  14. Do you know his middle name
  15. Comment his name and leave a full star rating please...

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Quiz topic: How much do I like him¿