Does He Like You?

Some guys you just know if they are into you but mist of them cover up their feelings. Reasons might be that you guys arent friends or hes scared of your response when he asks you out.

This quiz although maybe not 100% is to test and see if your crush or some annoying friend you know also has a crush on you or is crushing on you! Take the quiz and tell me what you think and other quiz ideas

Created by: molly
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  1. Do you guys talk?
  2. When you guys talk does he sound interested and does he continue with the same conversation
  3. Do you catch him ever staring at you?
  4. Does his friends ever tease him when you are in the same area as him?
  5. When he makes a joke does he ever look in your direction to see if it made you laugh?
  6. When you guys are having a conversation does he try and touch your arm- not creepy but like a stroke or a little tap
  7. Does he try to show off?
  8. Does he try and make you jealous? By like talking to another girl. You will know because when hes talking to her he is constantly looking your way to see if your watching them and getting mad
  9. Does he constantly try and talk to you?
  10. Is he comfortable around you?

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