Who are you falling for? Part 1

You are a 18 years old and love to go out with your friends until four guys come along and arent what they seem to be and you end up knowing everything about them when you eat dinner with them

Alex-Green eyes and light brown hair Blaze-Blonde hair and gold eyes Max-Red eyes and jet black hair Cody-Dark brown hair and blue eyes these are all the guys that are going to be in this story

Created by: Marissa

  1. You are at the mall with your friend and you see these four guys are staring at you what are you thinking:
  2. Your friend says she has to leave and she says goodbye and leaves once she leaves the four guys come up to you and one hits you over the head with something and everthing around you goes black
  3. You start to wake and you hear one of the guys yell "guys shes waking up!" you sit up and look around you are in a bedroom you have never seen before "where am i"you say then suddenly all the rest of the guys start coming in the room the guy with green eyes and brown hair says "hi im Alex and the reason why your her is because we all like you and we are going to let you stay here for one month and decide which guy you choose to date at the end"
  4. You say "ok but who are you guys" you point to the other three the one with blonde hair and gold eyes says"my name is Blaze" and the one with blue eyes and dark brown hair says"my name is Cody"the last one with jet black hair and red eyes says "Max" you stare at max for a second then turn your attention back to the other guys two of them have pale white skin it looks like they dont go out alot
  5. "what am i going to wear"you say Alex takes you to a closet and opens the door and there are every single piece of clothing from all your favorite stores what are you thinking:
  6. Everybody leaves except for cody who stays in the room "want me to give you a tour of the house _____?"he says"sure"you say you and cody walk out of the room and start touring the house once the tours over Blaze finds you guys and says dinner is almost ready so you go back to your room and change in to:
  7. When you go down stairs in what ever you are wearing all the boys stared at you "you look beautiful"max says and you sit down right next to him and he gives you a kiss on the cheek
  8. Max speaks up and says "umm ____ we got to tell you something"you finsh eating and so does the other two "what is it" you say "we are diffrent from other people of your kind"cody says"my kind what are you talking about"you say"im a werewolf"max says you stare at him like you seen a ghost or something and you turn back to the others and what kind of creatures are you guys "im a werewolf to"Blaze says"im a vampire"cody says"so am i"alex says and you just sit there and stare at them
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  10. who do you like so far??? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Who am I falling for? Part 1