who's falling for you? (part 2)

so, there are many guys on this planet. or at least in your home town and none of them have ever liked you! but now a group of hott friends show interest in you! the only problem is that they are kidnapping you and keeping you "captive" take the quiz for more!

are SOL with guys? how many times have you wished for something perfect to happen to you? well this may not be real life but it is still fun to get away! there is love, mystery, and comicness in this1

Created by: leslie
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  1. so your sitting there like and idiot when travis's temper flies and he slams his fist on the table and walks away!
  2. everyone except tyler leaves to go find travis and you start crying. what does tyler do?
  3. he has his arms wrapped around you and your head is lying on his warm chest when they all come back and stare at you with pained eyes!
  4. they all make a hand motion to tyler and he swings you up into his arms and is walking towards his car with the guys!
  5. now that your in the care what are you saying to them?
  6. they all say together "were taking you to tyler's house" then you realize your sitting next to him what shall you do?
  7. your at his house when they lock you and tyler in his bedroom!
  8. you sit there with a totally confused look on your face and ask him what is going on he answers "uhh well we have to keep to captive for a while"
  9. hope you had fun! who do you like more?
  10. are you going to take part 3?

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