Which will fall for you part 20

Hey everyone, welcome to part 20 of my story quiz. I hope you like it and I think a few of you will be pleased. You'll see what I mean. ;) can you believe we're already at 20? I never expected it to go this far, but rest assured I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

So you just trained all day yesterday, and today you leave for your mission in a small town in China. What will happen? We shall see...please comment! I'll be back soon with part 21!!

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. "____! Are you ready?" Matt calls to you over the noise of the large helicopter. You nod, your hair whipping around your face as you take a last look at the city from the top of the dome. You finger your lotus pin and feel a strange sense of sadness at leaving your new home. "I'll be back..." You whisper. Then you climb into the helicopter with your team, all dressed in GA uniforms. Matt waves good bye as the helicopter takes off from the top of the dome.
  2. Inside the helicopter, Anthony and Serene are engaged in a conversation about medicine. Tanner and Carter talk about sports. Violet has her earphones in and stares out the window. Miku looks exhausted and has fallen asleep. Apparently its too early for him too.
  3. You lean back in your seat and relax. Suddenly a thought comes to mind: you haven't seen the driver of the plane. You strain you neck to see, but you can't see their face.
  4. You slowly get up and climb to the front. You sit in the empty seat behind the pilot. "Excuse me?" You ask loudly. The pilot turns around to look at you and your breath catches. He's got blond hair that falls over hazel eyes hidden behind dark glasses. He smiles charmingly. "Hey, baby. Can I help you?"
  5. "Why don't you come up here?" He asks in a low smooth voice. You shoot a glance back at (one of the guys). He's looking at you a bit strangely. You climb into the seat next to the pilot anyway.
  6. With one hand on the back of your seat and the other controlling the plane, he tilts his sunglasses slightly and says, "Hey, I'm Mark. And you are?" "____..." You say. He smiles in that charmingly cool way. "Cute name for a cut girl."
  7. Suddenly you are distracted by something whizzing by the nose of the plane. You grip your seat tightly. "What...?" You glance behind your shoulder to see Miku jumping out of the helicopter and soaring through the air, Violet following close behind. The air feels tense. "Get down!" Mark yells as a giant metal insect taps on the window. You duck as he smashes his fist through the window and into the demon, sending it spiraling down out of the sky. "Get up top and help Carter and Anthony," Mark commands. Serene and Tanner crouch by the open door, waiting for the insect things, which you now realize are demons, to come through.
  8. You climb through a hatch in the ceiling of the copter and pull yourself onto the roof. How you are keeping your balance is beyond you- must be a Gifted thing. But you don't have time to freak out about standing on top of a moving helicopter, because a few feet in front of you Carter is fighting some thing that looks like a giant metal insect. Anthony has his back to him fighting another while clutching his arm, blood seeping through his clothes. A few hundred yards away Violet sends her foot into the side of a demon's head in midair. She sends it sprawling as she slits its throat, her black hair whipping violently around her face as more demons come to her. Nearby Miku is firing his gun at a group of three demons who swarm closer and closer. You turn back to Carter and see he and Anthony have teamed up, but now there are four or five demons there.
  9. You rush over to Carter and Anthony and unsheath your sword. You feel anger boiling up inside of you as you slice your sword through the air. The guys look at you gratefully. You tear the insect like wings of demons, causing them to fly a bit lower and putting them in range of Carter's vampire teeth. Anthony sends shards of metal flying at them with his telepathic powers, but he seems a bit out of it and is still clutching his bleeding arm. It seems like an instant later when Miku and Violet touch down on the helicopter roof. Carter wipes the last bit of black blood from his mouth. You rush to Anthony and inspect his wound. Miku and Carter help him back into the helicopter. Before you follow, Violet grabs your arm. "Hey..." She struggles with words. You wait a bit nervously. "Um...thank you." She says. Her purple eyes stare at the clouds around you, the floor, anything but you. Then she disappears into the body of the helicopter. Stunned, you follow.
  10. Inside the helicopter the floor is littered with gray ash that's quickly dissolving. Obviously Tanner and Serene saw some demons in here too. You shiver. How many were there? Tanner grins at you as Serene bandages Anthony's arm. He closes his eyes as she presses her hands down on the wound. She closes her eyes and hums softly. You watch in amazement as the skin around the bandage glows a soft blue, then fades to normal. Anthony opens his eyes and smiles.
  11. Serene meets your eyes. "He'll be fine," she says as if reading your mind. Anthony adds, "The wounds aren't deep, but for some reason people bleed more when they're cut by a demon. We're trying to figure out why back at HQ." Serene says, "He lost a lot of blood. But it'll be ok. He's been through much, much worse." You nod.
  12. Slowly, you feel the air pressure changing and you realize that the helicopter is descending. You look out the window and see a forest of bamboo, with a lazily flowing wide river cutting through the middle. The copter touches down on the riverbank. You and everyone else walks out of the helicopter and onto solid ground.
  13. (You chose the 2nd one) "Well..." begins Mark. "The good news is, obviously, we're near the Village, which is why we saw all those demons." Serene raises an eyebrow at him. "And the bad news?" She asks cooly. "Um...a demon broke one of my engines. I landed as fast as I could....so I guess we're walking." He grimances at the looks on everyone's faces. "Sorry, sorry!"
  14. "Its ok." You say. The rest of the group nods, except Violet, who has an expression of fury on her face. Mark looks relieved, but casts nervous glance at Violet's trembling form. Tanner steps in front of her. "Well, let's start then. Maybe we can get there before dark." Everyone sighs and nods and follows Tanner through the forest. He seems to know where he's going, so you stop worrying and trust him to lead you there.
  15. Annnnd that's all for part 20. I hope you guys liked it! Please comment, and I'll be back soon with part 21!

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