Is My Guyfriend in Love With Me?

How long have you been wondering if your guyfriend has feelings for you? Sometimes they seem to be interested and sometimes they act like they could care less. This quiz is designed to solve the problem of hard to read guys (which I have experienced many times in life).

I've worked so hard on this quiz in the hopes that anyone who takes it can get super accurate results. Its designed for girls but guys can try it too. I hope this helps anyone who wants to know the truth about their guyfriends feelings.

Created by: Jillian
  1. How long have u too known each other?
  2. When you guys talk does he:
  3. Do you ever notice he opens up to u over anyone else.. In other words does he tell you how he's feeling and spill his emotions @ your feet?
  4. How often does he complement you?
  5. Does he apologize every time he thinks he might've slightly hurt your feelings?
  6. When something amazing happens to him or he has a bad day he:
  7. So u just failed on your oral report in history class he was in the room and when everyone gets up to leave he says:
  8. Does he ever invite u to go hang out with him and his buddies?
  9. Sooo how many ppl think u guys are dating?
  10. How did u meet?
  11. It's been a great night but your leaving the party to head home.. Your guyfriend:
  12. When u two have a disagreement who is the first to apologize?

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