Hogwarts Love Story Pt 5

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Hogwarts Love Story Pt 5.1 Looks like things are really heating up! The guys are practically all over you but in a bad way is how it's turning out. Can you handle all of them?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. "Draco" You gave a small breath "What are you doing?" As Draco was leaning closer he looked past the suit of armor "Okay, looks like no one is coming" He said as he returned face to face with you. "What's wrong? Why are you turning red? You sick" He asked in a irritable attitude. You were unaware that you were turning red. "Uh...never mind that! What do you want to talk about?" You stuttered as you stared in his deep grey eyes, he shifted his eyes from left to right a bit. "You didn't tell anyone about how I acted during Potions, did you?" You react:
  2. He looks at you for a second then gives a smile "Just want to know, wanted to know what kind of rumors you would be spreading." "What rumors?" "That I acted nice around you." "Well, What does it matter?" You ask while raising your eyebrows "Keep a secret? I'm already a disappointment to my father, always tells me how worthless a son I am. Wanted to make myself seem good and show my father I can do something." You say:
  3. "Yeah, yeah! Whatever, you don't tell anyone. Promise me." He gave you a stern look but you ended up agreeing under your own conditions. You and Draco then leave going your separate ways, when you enter the Grand Hall you realize that there is still time before you go to sleep; you decide to go thank Neville again but as your are walking towards Neville, you see Oliver and his friends eyeing you down and whispering. Your heart is going crazy as your walking by. As you sit beside Neville, you immediately ask if you can vent towards him. He accepts through the kindness of his heart.You tell him about:
  4. "Another rough day? It's okay, you have me if you want to vent but I know in the end, I know you'll be strong." He smiled as he held his pet toad Trevor. "Thanks Neville." You gave a comforting smile "So, are you scared of Sirius black in the castle?" You ask as you play with your robes "I don't know if it's true but I am kind of scared. How do you think Harry feels?" He tells you as he leans in closer. "Oh, that's right! Do you really think Sirius Black is out to kill Harry?" "I really hope not...not to mention how my Gran' will react. What do you think?" Your answer is:
  5. "Let's actually hope in the end." Neville said stroking Trevor. "So, how was your Hogsmeade trip?" "Well, started off avoiding the Weasley twins, then a confression from Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, having an awkward moment with all three of them, then seeing Ha-" You though about telling Neville about seeing Harry at Hogsmeade but Harry would be in trouble. Instead you say:
  6. "That's...interesting." Neville says but burst into a small giggle. "Looks like it's time to go to bed. See you in class tomorrow." Neville waved Good Night and smiled. The next morning, you found yourself one of the later people awake; as you start to realize your finally wide away you decide to head to your common room since it seems safer now. "Mornin' Sunshine" You turn around to see Oliver smiling bright. Your reponse is:
  7. Your heart is beating crazy at the sight of him. Do you like him or your scared? "So...can I help you?" You ask as you fix your bed hair "Nothing, just really wanted to be the first to say Hi to you." "Well, you win at that..." "About the Hogsmeade trip, how about we try again, you know getting to know each other?" He smiles looking a tad bit nervous "Are you asking me out...personally?" "Yes..." He said shyly slightly turning red, you think about it but in the beginning you were dead-set on it. It's It's just Oliver after all. "Yeah, this coming Hogsmeade trip? Three Broomsticks at 1:30? Don't stand me up." You tell him seeing a huge smile on his face "Great! Thanks! Wow, you really made my day!" He smiled. You say/think:
  8. "You'll honestly won't regret this!" He smiles as he turns around walking away happily jumping in the air. "Yep, oh God. My heart was going crazy...scratch that IS." So you headed to your common room to freshen up; as you finish, you hear numerous people talking about Sirius Black. You continue making your way towards you "Morning _______! Just wanted to make sure we're still on for the Butterbeer date you promised me." He said smiling at you. You instantly forgot about your arrangement with Harry when you made plans with Oliver. You say:
  9. "You can just tell me.." Harry said uncomfortably "Well, Oliver-" You began to say "Oliver? Oliver Wood? Oh, no need to explain, I get it." "You do? But I..." "Listen _____, I'll just talk to you later." As Harry walks away you feel horrible but you don't know what to do, you sigh "NEVILLE!" You cry out. At this point, you want to talk to someone who will just listen but the first bell begins to alarm that first period is starting. It's Defense Against The Dark Arts, when you enter you sit beside Ron and you sulk in your seat. "What'chu do to Harry? He was really ticked off." You respond:
  10. "I just wanted to know. He's my best friend and all..." "Well, you tell Harry that...that it's not my fault. Oliver asked me first!" By your words, Ron was shocked and a little disappointed "What do you mean Oliver asked you...? You aren't..." You were a bit speechless to what you just admit "Well...He wanted to get to know me...and it just so happens that I promised him...so..." "Oh, Bloody Hell! You are dating our Captain!" "I am not dating him! It's a one time thing" "That's a bit disgusting, don't you think." "Ron, Shut up! You don't even know how this happened." "You having the hots for our Captain..." Instantly, you slapped Ron across the face; everyone turns around and you are shocked to see a red mark across his face. He turns to you really mad and stops talking to you for the whole period. You think to yourself:
  11. End of Pt 5.1 I decided to cut this into two parts. I actually have the rest of part five, written out in my note book which already took up like 1/4 of it. If I wrote all of it now, you guys might die from a fan-girl attack, to the previous comment from Part 4. I love how you guys are holding back to stop screaming. So, if you guys have any request for me to add into the story, comment. Here's a little sneak peek of Part 5.2 "Being face to face with me and then leaning close about to-" "About to what?!" He nods up "Well, it looked like at first like you were going to kiss me." "KISS YOU?!" "YEAH! I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO KISS ME!" "WHAT?! I-" Hope you guys are excited ! I am :)

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