Are your Thighs Fat?

Take this quiz if you would like to find out how fat your thighs are. Guaranteed to be super accurate, and designed with utmost care and attention. Hope you enjoy it.

This quiz has been just designed to inform, not to hurt anybody's feelings. Please do not take this quiz too seriously. Anyhow, we really hope you enjoy it.

Created by: sam smith
  1. Firstly, what is the circumference of your thighs?
  2. Do you need special jeans made for you?
  3. If you jump up and down on the spot, do your thighs wobble?
  4. If you put on a pair of pants, do your thighs make them look really tight?
  5. Do you have thunder thighs (thighs bigger than the rest of your body)?
  6. Do your thighs spread when you sit down?
  7. Poke your thighs. Can you feel anything?
  8. What size pants are you?
  9. Are your thighs fat or muscle?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir Thighs Fat?