Does Your Crush Actually Love You?

Does your crush actually like you? Take this quiz to find out. You could be his friend enemy or crush! Hopefully you'll get something good! Just have your crush in mind when you take this quiz?

This quiz has 6 choices for each problem rated from best to worst. The first choice gives you 6 point the second 4 and so on. Choose the choices on top for the best results!

Created by: Crushin'
  1. Has your crush ever tried to make you laugh?
  2. Has he ever tried to annoy you like poke you constantly just to say hi.
  3. Has he ever asked you out?
  4. Has ever complimented you?
  5. Has he ever trusted you.
  6. You sit together or near each other.
  7. Your relationship?
  8. He thinks you...
  9. Most of the time when you talk with him you are...
  10. He is... You are...

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Actually Love You?