Should you say yes to him?

So, a guy has asked you out? Omg, what to do! Take this quiz and we'll decide for you. Is he the boy of your dreams, or a cheat messing with your mind...

We shall reveal the ugly, bitter truth. Whether you or your man like it or not. This quiz never fails to predict what lies in store for you in that relationship

Created by: Freya Kernan

  1. Does he compliment you a lot?
  2. Does he avoid eye contact with you?
  3. Does he always try to talk to you?
  4. Is he nice in general to you?
  5. Does he flirt with ya?;)
  6. Do u ft/Skype/ooVoo with them?
  7. Is he hot;)
  8. Do you think of him before you go to sleep at night?
  9. How often does he text you?
  10. Finally, do you actually like him?

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Quiz topic: Should I say yes to him?