Ninjago love story part 1

Your dreams. They are filled with anything you can imagine and YOU control it all. What will your dreams be like? Will they be nightmares or beautiful dreams? You must decide

(Y/N) = Your name Are you GIRLY enough to take this adorable test?! You may wonder that, so find out today in this cute and quick test! Hope you enjoy! -Ari the Ninja

Created by: Ari the Ninja
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  1. You call asleep and begin to have a wonderful dream. After that dream, you wake up and see your not in your home anymore. You pinch yourself, but nothing changes. You look to the side and see you have Angel WINGS. What is your response:
  2. You see five doors and begin to walk inside the red one. There is fire EVERYWHERE and you begin to fly somehow and reach a fire throne. You see a boy. "Hey there beautiful" he says. Your response:
  3. "Well. Well. Well. Another pretty girl has entered my realm. I am Kai, the fire angel and you are...?" He asks. "It's (Y/N)" you reply, backing up. "Don't leave" he says and walks towards you. Your response:
  4. You run out of the door and slam it behind you. Then you head inside of the black colored door. You cry out in pain and a rock falls on your wing, trapping you. "OHMIGOSHIMSOSOSOSSOSOSSOSORRY!" The boy yells and begins to lift the rock off. "Let me heal you" he says. Your response:
  5. He heals you anyway. "My name is Cole" he says. "I'm (Y/N) you say, and you leave. You head towards the white door and a chill goes through your spine. You headed inside and was hit by a bunch of ice. Your response:
  6. "Oh so your the '(Y/N)' that Cole and Kai have been telling me about. Your cute. Do you know that?" He asks. You nod and blush before sighing. "I'm Zane by the way" he says and you look at him He blushes and you shiver slightly. "Are you cold?" He asks. Your response:
  7. He hands you a blanket and you wrap it around yourself. He grins and hugs you. You smile and tell him you have to go, but you'll be back soon. "Ok" He says sadly as you hand him the blanket and rush out the door. You see a basket of umbrellas and pull out one. It is white and has your name written on it in gold silk. You bring it with you. As soon as you walk into the blue room, it starts raining. Your response:
  8. You put the umbrella up and grumble. You begin to walk to the lightning throne when a flash illuminates the sky. You jump in surprise but keep walking. On the throne there is a boy with orangish hair. He grins at you. "You look very downpourish today" he says. "Your puns suck terribly" You reply. "It's nice to meet you too '(Y/N)'. I'm Jay" he says. You roll your eyes and begin to leave. But as you do, Jay runs up and kisses you on the forehead, then runs away. Your response:
  9. You head into the final door, the green door. You are immediately greeted by a boy dressed in green. He pushes you against the wall and grins. "W-What are you doing?!" You yell. "Your pretty. I like you" He says. "I'm Lloyd. Hello (Y/N)" he says leaning towards you. Your response:
  10. He follows you and you fly up in the air. He casts a green chain at you and you dodge. Suddenly you put op your hand and a bunch of light type arrows hit him You have won and you run out of the room, only to be greeted by all five of them. Your response:
  11. Do you like this so far? Wait for part two! Which will be out Really soon

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