NINJAGO idiot test

Many people understand the language of stupidity but not all are truly stupid. You must take this quiz to find if you have the potential of a NINJAGO idiot.

Are you a NINJAGO fan? If you said yes this will make you laugh. If your not a fan you won't understand this quiz so just stop now. This will test your NINJAGO stupidity. Are you goofy like Jay or unresponsive like Zane? Find out today!

Created by: The platinum ninja
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  1. Why do you like cotton candy
  2. You are given an order to search for the temple of light what do you do
  3. Zane tells Jay and Nya that in their future they will get married, have 2.3 children, but Nya dies. What is your reaction
  4. What do you think Nya's reaction was when jay told her his evil copy was the one who kissed her at the auto body
  5. Kai kills jay what happens after
  6. What was your reaction when Jay tackled Cole after Nya was kidnaped by the stone army
  7. *This wont effect your answer* Have you read the fanfiction 'Nobody but meh' if you haven't don't ( I left when it started getting sketchy)
  8. In the fanfic 'The real yellow ninja and everything after' did Jay call Cole gay
  9. Wich of these nicknames are the funniest
  10. Do the NINJAGO characters like cheese

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