what Ninjago Ninja is your long lost brother?

Who is your secret brother from the TV Series Ninjago? Find out with this quiz!

Hope you enjoy this!

Created by: Absess
  1. A mysterious ninja has entered your life. You don't know his name or who he is. But he seems sure that you are his sister/brother.
  2. You ask him who he is. When he doesn't reply, you...
  3. He continues to follow you. You are...
  4. You enter a restaurant, and order a meal. The mysterious ninja follows you in, and orders the same thing. You both ordered:
  5. The mysterious ninja sits down with you at your table. He tells you that he is here to protect you, but his cloth mask muffles his voice so you can't determine who he is. You reply...
  6. He seems to understand your reaction, but you can't talk long. You have...
  7. When you leave the restaurant to go to your activity, the ninja walks beside you. You glance at the time and almost freak out! Your favorite TV show is on and it's the exciting new episode!
  8. The ninja then tells you in detail what happens during the episode because he has already seen it. You yell:
  9. The road looks like it is going to be a long one, and you are several miles from your destination. You talk with the ninja, and find you share several interests:
  10. You find out that you both like the same types of music! What are they?
  11. Suddenly some skeletons appear almost out of nowhere. You...
  12. The skeletons charge. The Ninja snaps into action, and defeats them with ease, and they run away screaming. He turns to you, and pulls the hood from his face, revealing himself.
  13. What color are his eyes?

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Quiz topic: What Ninjago Ninja is my long lost brother?