Ninjago boyfriend

'Sup ya'll my little sisters idea she wants me to call her mini-me so...yeah this test/quiz is to find who your bf is in ninjago...the questions are pretty common sense

Who do you think you'll get? Fire guy kai? Ice guy Zane? Lighting guy Jay? Earth guy cole? Or all of the above guy Lloyd? You never know soooo pick your poison to find your ninja guy. :)

Created by: ilovesasuke
  1. You're walking alone out of a hotel at night, nothing but the moon light shining over you, when you look up you see streaks of a color
  2. You wonder what that color was, you climb a ladder stealthily and you see the figure running, you decide to chase it
  3. You catch up with the running figure, he gets in defensive mode and starts to fight with you, his weapon is
  4. You beat the figure which turned out to be a ninja (me: no duh really?) "You should work on your skills..their a bit dull" you say then he stops you with an elemental force with
  5. You turn and pull his mask down his hair color is
  6. Your eyes gaze into each others for a while then one of you speaks " my name is ____" you say " that's a pretty name I'm
  7. You both walk down the road together getting to know each other you both like
  8. You both go back to chillin on the roof you both fought " I'm sorry for kicking your butt earlier" you say. "Well I'm just glad I could find someone who could kick it" you both laugh you tell each other about your hobbies you both like
  9. You both laugh at a joke he said the laughter dies down a bit you gaze into each others eyes as the moon reflects yours, you both lean in close and give each other a kiss, it was shy but amazing. As you both left, neither of you could walking straight you both stumbled a few times but you could stay away for that long, you both ran into each others arms in long embracement
  10. Comment me your results :) this was my little sisters (mini-mes) idea..I made the questions though hope you had fun :) will you comment?

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