You Don't Know Ninjago Till You Ace This Quiz

There are the Ninjago fans, the Ninjago newbies, and the actual Ninjago Fans. What, you ask, is an real Ninjago Fan? Little ninja, an actual Ninjago Fan is a person who lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps Ninjago.

Can you stop Lord Garmadon from taking over Ninjago? Unless you are the Green Ninja, the answer is no. However, almost any Ninjago Fan can ace this quiz! If you take this challenge, you will run into blooper trivia, some (somewhat easy) math, and a whole Destiny's Bounty worth of NINJAGO!

Created by: Anna
  1. How may total times has Nya been kidnapped?
  2. Who is the Dark Lord?
  3. True or False: Nya has psychic powers.
  4. Who unlocked their full potential first?
  5. What is the Ninjago theme song called?
  6. Who sings the Ninjago theme song?
  7. True or False: Lloyd becomes the Gold Ninja at some point.
  8. Who does Jay get kissed by before he unlocks his full potential?
  9. Who is Misako?
  10. Which of the following phrases is an accidental phrase that never appeared on TV?
  11. Who is Samurai X and in which episode did all four ninja find out?
  12. Fill in the blanks. When ___ was first kidnapped by the________ in Way Of The Ninja, ___ got mad at Sensei Wu for not trying to save his sister.
  13. What did Kai work as before he was a ninja?
  14. What year is Ninjago expected to return?
  15. In Wrong Place Wrong Time, the ninja had to capture Nya to fix history. How did they go about doing this?
  16. What does Lloyd say during the final battle?
  17. Who voices Nya in the show?
  18. Which of the following songs by ABBA would best fit as a theme song for Cole?

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