Which Ninjago character are you?

I have made a quiz for you to find out: Which Ninjago character are you? There are ten characters you can be, they are: Cole, Kai, Zane, Jay, Lloyd, Nya, Harumi, Garmadon, Hutchins, and Wu.

There will also be ten questions to decide which character you are. If you are not happy with your result, that's fine! If you are happy... That's great! Good luck.

Created by: Jedi

  1. Are you a girl or a boy?
  2. Do you talk a LOT?
  3. Do you like to eat cake?
  4. Do you like the color green?
  5. Do you like blowing stuff up?
  6. Are you a ninja master?
  7. Are you wild?
  8. Who is your favorite ninja?
  9. Would you like to be a royal servant?
  10. Do you like the color blue?

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Quiz topic: Which Ninjago character am I?