Starry Story: Ninjago Tale

Ninjago girls, who is your character in Ninjago (made up) and who is your boyfriend? Here, you can become Master of (some element) and be great! Legendary! I'm almost done!

Are you Lloyd's love or Kai's? Jay's or whoever? Come one, come all, girls, and try on red and blue and black and green and white at the Ninjago Boy Store!

Created by: Starlet
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  1. You are being attacked by a creepy stone dude! Which ninja saves you?
  2. You're invited to be a ninja in the team. You choose what as your element?
  3. Your first challenge comes up! Pythor confronts you alone. What do you do?
  4. All of the ninja are liking you. A lot. Who would you choose, over all?
  5. You need to save all your friends, but you have to be wounded, with the super-open chance of death. You
  6. You survived, and your ninja is your boyfriend now. When do you unlock your true potential?
  7. Wu is gone to find Garmadon, but he asked you to take charge while he's away. You
  8. Wu is back, but Lloyd went missing! Your plan is to
  9. Ashley found Lloyd, but he escaped when she was taken hostage! You
  10. Ashley was seriously wounded, and you see she is an automaton, like Zane. You
  11. Every monster is gone for a while. You and your boyfriend
  12. That's it. Maybe you got Jay or Lloyd (I hate Lloyd) or someone as your boyfriend. Anyway, ready for results?

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