Who is your Ninjago boyfriend?

Many people have boyfriends. But, they want a CERTAIN one. They may want one strong, or kind. Many people see men through different eyes of view. Like the old saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Do YOU have a boyfriend on Ninjago? Are you worth there time? Now, thanks to this quiz, you can find out, what Ninjago character is yours. Now, you can find out! Don't just sit there!

Created by: Emjay
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  1. You are going for a walk through the woods, then all of a sudden, you see Scales, with all the other snake tribes! You decide to spy. How do you do it?
  2. But..then one of the snakes catch you!! What do you do?
  3. The snake brings you to the fangpyre, the venomari, and the hypnobrai, anacondrae, and constrictae. They choose what to do with you. They decide to have the fangpyre bite you. But before they do, a streak of color bursts out of the shadows! What color was it?
  4. The streak of color defeats all the snakes- except the leaders- and is to late- the snake bites you, and it sure was painful!! The color whacks the snake, and you start falling to the ground. He catches you, and sets you down carefully, and what does he say to you?
  5. He realizes you are losing consciousness, and checks your pulse, and it's not beating very fast, so he tells you to stay put, and you might be fine. You start seeing colors, and what do you ask the mysterious stranger?
  6. He responds to your question. What does he say?
  7. You start to speak, but everything turns black. You can feel yourself getting moved, but barely. When you wake up, you can barely lift your head. You sit there, and an old man walks in. What was his name?
  8. Then, lots of people came in. What was the first color you saw?
  9. You tell him, I remember you. "yes. I am___, you are?
  10. They all were wearing masks. And, the room was dark, so, you didn't know what they were, or what the're eyes looked like.They told you to go outside. What was your response?
  11. You go outside, and what person goes with you?
  12. You and the person go for a LONG walk, and learn more about each other. Then, you decide it was getting dark. You found out you liked a lot of the same things. What were they?
  13. Then, under the moonlight, he finally tells you, I know we kinda.. met in a weird way, but I like you. What is your response?
  14. You finally kiss under the moonlight, and you feel..happy..but excited at the same time. But then.. you realize the other people were spying on you!! What do you do?
  15. Then, he asks you if you want to spend the night at there dojo. What do you say?
  16. You wake up, and see that every one is already awake. You finally see what every one looks like. The one you like..he was so..handsome!! You can only see his eyes though. He greets you with a 'good morning' you say good morning back to him, and then, you tell him a joke. He laughs, then you pull down his mask, and OH MY GOD was he cute! What color hair did he have?
  17. What color eyes?
  18. You realize it's time to say good bye. You give him a slight punch on the shoulder, and a small kiss. ' You are welcome to come back.' One of the sensei's say to you. They all agree, and tell you to take care of yourself, and you'll always know where they will be. " Take care of that bite, will ya" The cute guy says to you. You tell him you will, and go out the door. " Oh, DON'T GET INTO TROUBLE!!" He shouts. "OK!!" You yell back. He wants you to meet him where?
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Quiz topic: Who is my Ninjago boyfriend?