Do you know Ninjago?

Welcome to my first quiz. Do you know Ninjago? If you have watched the show some of these questions will be easy. Most of them though will be hard.

Do YOU know Ninjago as well as I do? Now that question will be answered as soon as you get your results for this quiz. Only this quiz will probably outsmart you. So... shall we begin?

Created by: CreeperExplosion02

  1. What's Cole's favorite color?
  2. True or false. Did Kai accidentally singe of his eyebrows and color them back on with a black marker?
  3. What elemental power is Lloyd the strongest in?
  4. Who is Lloyd's brother?
  5. What is the name of Kai and Nya's blacksmith shop?
  6. How old are the ninja?
  7. What was the episode called when Zane found out he was a robot?
  8. Who does the voice of Cole in Ninjago?
  9. Who's voice did Jillian Michaels do besides Lloyd Garmadon's?
  10. What happened to Lloyd's leg when the Overlord threw him?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Ninjago?