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There are many ways you and your siblings are alike. Maybe you both have the same hair, attitude or eye color. But you are different in many ways are. Who will be your Ninjago brother?

Who is YOUR Ninjago brother? Find it out today in this short quiz. (I sound like a flippin infomercial. XD). This is and awesome quiz to take when your bored!

Created by: Ari the Ninja

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  1. (Girls only) You jump backwards as Garmadon wraps two of his arms around your waist. "Get away from me you creepy old man!" You scream. You feel tears begin to prick at your eyes. He covers your mouth when he suddenly falls backwards. "____(Y/N)! Are you okay!" Your brother asks you. You bury your head into his ___ colored ninja suit and nod. What color is his Ninja suit?
  2. (Boys only. I'm not being Sexist. I know girls play video games too, but I'm just making this a boys question) Your brother picks the __ colored Ninja as his charectar in your video game. You choose your favorite color, _____. What color ninja did he pick?
  3. "Come on ____! We're gonna miss the party. My boyfriend/Girlfriend is gonna be there!" You yell. Your brother comes out in a ___ colored sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. "Your what?!?!" He yells. "Nothing" You reply. What color is his sweatshirt?
  4. Your brother takes out his _____ to fight. What weapon is he using?
  5. Who is your fave Ninja?
  6. You see your brother staring at you with his ___ colored eyes. What color are his eyes? (It relates to his element)
  7. "Hey ____ (Y/N)! What do you want for your birthday? What do you reply?
  8. You are typing in your password for your Pc. You write ___ is the best brother. Eh. Who's name did you write?
  9. You jump as your brother shoots another on of his ____ element beams at you. What element is it?
  10. You look at your tshirt and sigh. Your brother made you wear a tshirt that is the color of his element. What color tshirt are you wearing?

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