How well do you know ninjago

The facts about ninjago are many and the amount of fans are even more. Today I'll test if you are a true fan of ninjago. Do you thin you are a true fan?

Weekend whip: They say go slow and everything just stands so still we say go go you are gonna see us rippen to it just jump up kick back whip around and spin and then we jump back do of again...

Created by: Rudman7
  1. What are the golden weapons?
  2. Which golden weapon did the ninja get first?
  3. Who is Lord Garmodon?
  4. How many tribes of serpentine are there?
  5. What tribe did Lloyd realese first?
  6. Which tribe is Pythor from?
  7. What legendary snake did Pythor want to unleash?
  8. Where were the golden weapons made?
  9. What did Garmodon do with the megaweapon first?
  10. What monster did Garmodon bring back to life?
  11. Who invented the techno blades?
  12. Who sacrificed themselves tomsage ninjago?
  13. What was kai doing in the beginning of episode 35?
  14. In episode 37 what were the fights?
  15. What does Chen use to steal powers?
  16. What does morro want to be?
  17. Who does morro posses
  18. What is the cursed realm also called
  19. True or false: ghosts are allergic to water?
  20. Do the ninja ever become major celebrities
  21. Who realises nadakhan?
  22. Who trapped nadakhan
  23. Where was nadakhan trapped?
  24. Where is nadakhan from?
  25. What happens if nadakhan gets married
  26. Where does Cole go in day of the departed?
  27. Who does Chen fight in Day of the departed?
  28. Which time blade appears first?
  29. Who are kai and nya's parents?
  30. True or false: kai and nya's parents return in season 7.
  31. What happens when you get hit with the forward blade?
  32. Who is secretly a bad guy
  33. Who gets lost in time at the end of season 7?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ninjago