Ninjago- are youan expert

There are many people who think they know ninjago, but only a few people actually do. Afterall, true ninjago fans are pretty rare.A ninjago fan is someone who has seen all 6 seasons, the pilot episodes, mini-movies, And specials.

Are YOU a true ninjago fan? Do you have the power to be a true ninjago fan? Until now you could only wonder. Thanks to this awesome quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! PS. I know my spelling is a little off, but just accept it.

Created by: Rudman7
  1. Who is Lloyd garmadon
  2. What are the five tribes of serpintine
  3. Who became the gold ninja
  4. Who unleashed the great devourer
  5. Who sacrificed himself for the good of ninjago
  6. How does the overlord become the golden master
  7. Why do the ninja go to the tournament
  8. Who was the master of form
  9. Who is the the master of wind
  10. Who created airjitsu
  11. Why did nadakahan want to destroy the ninja
  12. Who did nya choose
  13. Who is the bad guy from hands of time
  14. How much do you love ninjago

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Quiz topic: Ninjago- am Ian expert