Ninjago OC, who are you?

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For Ninjago fans! I made this for you... This is a quiz to determine who would be your Mother/ Father in Ninjago. I worked so HARD on this so please give it a chance. The results pertain to ILOVEurstorys on wattpad and her books (psst It's me ;D)

Welcome to the world of Kaia, Cam, Aidan, Reyna, Jaycee, and Zoe! It's a realm I've been stuck in for a while, and I've worked pretty hard to bring you this quiz... two hours at least, so hey... plez take it

Created by: Haley (ILOVEurstorys on wattpa of this site
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color are your eyes?
  2. Right now I wanna...
  3. What Ninja do you feel like you would like to get to know better?
  4. (I know this is kinda biased) But what weapon do you like the most
  5. Do you obey the rules?
  6. What is your ideal pet?
  7. Your Mom tells you at age 13 that you're father was a ninja and you have another life just waiting for you out there. You...
  8. You open the fridge and grab...
  9. MOM! I'm________
  10. Do you have any OC's? If so what type?
  11. What color hair do you want?
  12. Just know that the answers for this quiz are all Next gen Characters of mine. The series of five books pertaining to this is at ILOVEurstorys on wattpad :) it would mean a lot if you looked, the books take over my life now XD... I don't think I'm joking anymore o.0

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Quiz topic: Ninjago OC, who am I?