Do you know Ninjago?

Ninjago fans try to prove their worth, Taking this quiz proves that you, like Ninjago so give my quiz a try and who knows you might win the mystery prize!

Ninjago is my favorite TV show and taking this quiz shows me you like Ninjago too, Take this quiz and maybe earn thatb mystery prize! ONLY ONE CAN REMAIN!

Created by: NinjaCraft
  1. Witch two ninjas defeated The Overlord (His defeats were separate).
  2. What is Jay's last name? (Cliff Gordon won't count)
  3. How many ninjas are there?
  4. What is Wu's element?
  5. What is Garmadon's element?
  6. What are Kai and Nya's parents names (Revealed on 10/27/16).
  7. Who burned down the Monastery?
  8. Who created Airjitzu?
  9. How does Day Of The Departed end?
  10. Who is Vermilian?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Ninjago?