Know whether u are a ninjago fan

This quiz is on lego ninjago so all you ninjago fans should hurry and take this quiz if you have what it takes to pass the quiz because There are many smart people but few true genius .

All you ninjago fans this quiz is to check long time watchers of ninjago and also know the newbies but any can ace the quiz as long as you have watch ninjago. Check whether you have what it take to pass

Created by: Amaechi
  1. Who was possessed by the overlord
  2. Who was obsessed with becoming the green ninja
  3. Who unlock his true potential first
  4. Who became the golden ninja
  5. Who became the golden master
  6. What is the name of leader of the nindroid
  7. Who destroyed the overlord in season3 (rebooted)
  8. Which person is obsessed and as a liking for trap doors
  9. Who started the serpentine war
  10. What was the name of the general incharge of the anacondrai
  11. Who was sense Wu first pupil
  12. Who possessed Lloyd
  13. Who is the master of speed
  14. The Master of sound is
  15. Morro is the master of what element
  16. The Master of form is
  17. Who voiced morro in season 5
  18. Who are morro's right hand man
  19. Who did morro summon first from the cursed realm
  20. Who is the villain in ninjago season 6 (encrypted)

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