How big of a NINJAGO fan are you?

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This test is basically to see how much of a Ninjago fan you are. It will test your knowledge from Kai making a crooked sword to the funeral of Sensei Garmadon.

When you have finished you will be overjoyed by how much you know, or you know so much that you not surprised. So good luck to you, and may the best ninjago fan win.

Created by: Elijah
  1. Who destroyed the Great Devourer in season 1 of the snakes?
  2. Who did Lloyd defeat in the last episode of season #2 the stone army
  3. Which serpentine tribe did Lloyd unleash first
  4. What element does Cole have?
  5. What is Kai's element?
  6. What element does Zane have?
  7. What is Jay's element?
  8. Who is older?
  9. How many ninjago lego sets are there?(not including the morro or chen season)
  10. What was Cyrus Borg's big mistake
  11. who helped the overlord escape the digital realm
  12. What power does Lord Garmadon's mega weapon have?
  13. Who final destroys the overlord in season 3?
  14. Did Zane survive
  15. What does season 4 deal with?
  16. Who is the first to lose in the tournament of elements?
  17. Where do the ninja have to go to talk to a real anacondrai?
  18. Which ninja is the first to lose?
  19. What is the cost to save ninjago from chen?
  20. How many ninjago songs are there by The Fold?

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Quiz topic: How big of a NINJAGO fan am I?