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Okay, Hot Rod. You think you know your Ninjago Locations? Well, we'll soon see about that! This quiz is going to test your knowledge of Ninjago locations, from the pilot episodes, all the way to Season 5!

Just don't be too worried if you don't get them all right the first time. I got stumped on a few locations myself, but now I'm practically a PRO at it! Well, MOST of them, anyways!

Created by: Sparky
  1. Which mountain is the one that Cole climbed, when he was younger?
  2. Where is the Anacondrai tomb located?
  3. Where is the Venomari tomb located?
  4. Name the location that seems to be the "battle capital" of all Ninjago. In other words, which place in Ninjago, do bad guys tend to target, among other locations?
  5. What are some names that the ninja are known to have called each other?
  6. Where is the Constrictai Tomb?
  7. Where in Ninjago, did Morro possess Lloyd in Season 5?
  8. Where was Jay born?
  9. Where did the elemental dragons- Rocky, Wisp, Shard and Flame- go when they were shedding their scales? It was where they went, only to come back as the totally epic, totally awesome ULTRA DRAGON!
  10. What was the blacksmith shop called?
  11. Where was Cole supposed to go ORIGINALLY, instead of becoming a ninja?
  12. Which location has Deepstone at the bottom of its ocean? Here's a hint: It's the one place that ghosts- and Kai- feared the most!
  13. Which part of Ninjago has extremely dangerous, hard-to-navigate twists and turns, which is where it gets its name from?
  14. Name the two areas in Ninjago that are usually out of reach, except by special means of transportation.

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