So You Think You Know Ninjago?

So tell me, do you know as much about Ninjago as I do? He, maybe, this isn't exactly hard. Maybe a few questions will throw you off, but for the most part it's easy.

So! Do you think you have what it takes to be a Ninja? Do you know their ways and everything about them? If you think so, prepare yourself and take this quiz.

Created by: Jaylah
  1. Alright let's start off easy. How many Ninja are there and what are their names?
  2. I'll still go easy. Name the elemental dragons.
  3. Alright, here we go. Cole's favorite color, go!
  4. Who screen writes Ninjago?
  5. Who voices Lloyd?
  6. So Cyrus Borg says that there is in fact a limit to one's potential. What is it?
  7. Who was the first major disabled Non-Japanese Character
  8. What is Coles favorite type of music?
  9. Although he said he said that he was not a talented dancer, or a very musical person, Cole could do what that would say otherwise?
  10. Kai and Nya's parents were elemental. What were their elements?
  11. Now, knowing Ninjago means familiarizing yourself with the fandom. Sort of. Which of these people have become popular for their 'shirtless Ninja' arts
  12. Garmadon hasent been seen for how many seasons?
  13. So, Which Ninja is the most popular according to a 2012 poll?
  14. Garmadon has a tattoo of what?

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