What ninjago boy would love you?

Hello guys!!! This is my FIRST EVER QUIZ I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! I did this like all in one time so my hands were kinda sore... But anyway let's get the point where which Ninjago boy loves you! That includes: Lloyd, Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane aaaand Morro!

Ok this IS my first quiz so I might have some errors! So don't say that this sucks or I don't have good English plz! I just had a hard life and I want to make it up by making YOU happy!!! :D

Created by: Your ninjago boi
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  1. What is your closest personality?
  2. What is your style?
  3. I know this one sucks... Fav COLOR?
  4. What's your fav movie out of these!?
  5. Me: ALRIGHT GUYS YOU CAN COME! *Ninja come* Jay: yes!!! Can we ask questions now?! Cole: Jay, really? Lloyd: Well, we are asking questions right? Me: yes ima leave to you. *leaves* Zane: Ok so who will go first? Kai: Yeah... Was just gunna ask that. Cole: Y/N who should go?
  6. Me: guys lets just let Zane go... Kai: I thought you left? Me: yeah? Jay: I go next! Lloyd: Zane you can go. Cole: pick a good one! Zane: ok, what do you think of villains? Me: good one.
  7. Me: Ok Kai you next! Jay: AWWWW! Cole: Jay if you don't stop cryin I'm gunna have to tape your mouth! Lloyd: Just go... Kai: ugh. What element would you have?
  8. Jay: MEEEE! Me: ok ok gooooo... Ninja: ugh. Jay: what? Ok... What is the best battle in ninjago! Cole: I was gunna say that! Jay: hah!
  9. Me: ok Cole! Cole: ok.... What was the saddest moment in ninjago? Lloyd: My dad LEFT ME!!!! ;-;
  10. Me: now the magnificent Lloyd. Lloyd: thank you for intro. Cole: pfffff Zane: hah it is true. Lloyd: ok. What's your fav ride?? Me: you guys have good ones.
  11. Me: ok guys we're- *goes dark in room* Jay: AAAH! Cole: Jay! Shut up! Kai: what happened! Lloyd: uhh why are the lights out? Me: I didn't turn them off! Kai: well we're done with quite right? Jay: uhhhh YEAHHHH? Lloyd: Kai did you ask? Kai: yep I asked a question. *turns on lights* Ninja: AHHHH! Morro: what! Me: Umm, Morro since your here ask Y/N a question... Morro: wa- Ohoooo. Hi there *smirks* you look cute. Cole: just ask the stupid question!!!! Zane: ... Morro: ok... Hi. Jay: ok really?!
  12. Ok that was weird... Well! This was my first ever quiz!!! I HOPE U LIKED IT! O god... My fingers hurt, sort of. Lol Anyway! Would you Like or follow this quiz? (Wont hurt your answer)

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