Who is your ninjago boy friend

Many people wish that can have a ninja boyfriend. Why not, ninjas are protective, kind, honest, caring and sweet. I personally love Lloyd, but its your choice.

Which ninja will YOU get? You can get Lloyd, kai, Cole, jay, or Zane. Who ever you get is a very lucky ninja! If you ever wondered who you would marry, take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Rudman7
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  1. You are walking alone in the woods, and see some serpentine. You decide to spy on them, but how?
  2. They notice you, how do you react?
  3. They take you in, and are thinking of a way to punish you. When they decide the fangpyre will bite you you see a tornado coming to save you. What color was it?
  4. As the tornado swoops you off the ground the fangpyre manage to bite you, the tornado stops moving and as your vision blurs you see a blur if color that says to you...
  5. You feel you are being lifted off the ground, and when you wake up you see a bunch of colorful people walk in. Who do you see first?
  6. When you start to feel better one of them brings you outside for fresh air. Which one?
  7. When he sees you are looking less pale he...
  8. What do you say
  9. You spend the night. The colored blur walks you out and takes of his mank. What color is his hair.
  10. As you part ways he tells you to take care of your bite, so you...

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