Are you a true ninjago spinner

Do you know what a ninjago spinner is? No well you'll see at the end of the quiz you must know ninjago to find out. There is one thing if you do know what it is you are more likely to be one

I am a bad speller and I am not the best at grammar so don't judge me and I do not know everything. So if you judge me just know it is easy to not be a spinner so just think about that

Created by: Bethany
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  1. If ninjago suddenly was in a different language
  2. Did evil Jay kiss Nya
  3. What is a ninjago spinner
  4. What do you like about ninjago
  5. Did Kai get hit in the head by his sister
  6. Did we see Zane's dad die
  7. What tea does Lloyd use to get older
  8. Who was the first good person on the dark island
  9. How doesn't want to be freed and gets the chance in season 4
  10. Who else did Moro take control of besides Lloyd
  11. What do the ninja use to get to the power station unnoticed

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Quiz topic: Am I a true ninjago spinner