Your Ninjago Boyfriend

Who do you think you belong with in Ninjago? Hotheaded Kai? Lovable Jay? How about the leader, Cole? We can't forget our favorite ninjroid, Zane. Now, remember Lloyd

This quiz will help YOU decide who your ninja lover is. Remember, be honest. If your not, you might end up with the ninja you DON'T want. Only true Ninjago fans will know who their perfect mach is, even without this quiz.

Created by: Raven

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  1. Your running from the serpentine when they corner you in an ally. What do you do?
  2. Just when you think it's the end, a tornado lights up the all. What color was it?
  3. The tornado defeats the serpentine, but one managed to stab you. The one who made the swirl of color races over. "You alright?" They ask.
  4. "Just hold tight, my team should be hear soon. What's your name?"
  5. He smiled, but it soon faded as he realized how much blood you lost. "I'm sorry I wasn't hear sooner," he muttered, pushing back a strand of your hair.
  6. You slowly drift into darkness, the last thing you see being the ninja. What color hair does he have?
  7. When you wake, your in an unfamiliar room. You feel panicked. The door opens. The ninja who saved you pokes his head in. What do you say?
  8. He simply smiles. "___? I have something to tell you."
  9. "I love you." Your stunned into silence. He cautiously walked over. You stare at him for a moment. His eyes bore into you. What color are they?
  10. You lean forward and kiss him. When you pull away, what do you say?

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