How Rosie Lou are you?

Is it really egotistical to make a quiz about yourself? I hope not. Because I've done one. Take it to find out how Rosie Lou you are. Yey :) You never know, you might be my long lost brother/sister.

You might be really like me. Then you can proudly tell the world 'I am very much like Rosie Lou'! Be proud of yourself, not many people can say that they 'Are very Rosie Lou'.

Created by: Rosie Lou

  1. The genre of music you like most is:
  2. You mainly wear
  3. What type of TV shows do you like?
  4. You are an...
  5. Do you often have 'blonde moments'?
  6. Do you often trip over your own feet?
  7. Do you often swear?
  8. Do you spend a lot of cash on shoes?
  9. Which number do you prefer?
  10. If you were a computer you would be a...

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Quiz topic: How Rosie Lou am I?