What guitar are you?

are you a guitar player? take this quiz if you think you are.. did you know rosie got fired she didnt quit lol... when george bush tripped it looked like somone takled him!!

how much do you know? probly not as much as you think.. metal is the best kind of music dont believe me huh! i'll kill you. dont belive me. look behind you. ha got ya

Created by: jashuri

  1. which of these is your favorite guitar player?
  2. whats you favorite kind of music?
  3. when do you play guitar?
  4. What kind of tone do you play with?
  5. What is you favorite band?
  6. how many strings does a guitar have?
  7. what country did rock originate?
  8. how would you go on stage?
  9. Your favorite song would have...
  10. your part would have...
  11. in metal do you use your thumb on the fret boared?
  12. can a band tour for 10 monthes out of a year?
  13. would you drink on stage?

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Quiz topic: What guitar am I?