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There Are Many Posers In The World Who THINK They Truly Know Heavy Metal. This Test Will Determine Your Level Of METALNESS! At The End Of The Test You'll be Offered A Source To Help Hone Your Metal Skills!

Are You METAL? Do You Qualify To HOLD THE HORNS HIGH, Or Hang Your Head In Shame? Soon We'll Know How Metal You Truly Are! Lets Find Out! TAKE THE TEST NOW!

Created by: heavymetalhitman of HeavyMetalHitman
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  1. What Guitarists Name Refers To A Measure Of Pot?
  2. Which Metal Band Has A Mascot Named "Eddie"?
  3. Which Iconic Metal Singer Once Fronted The Bands "Black Sabbath, And Rainbow", Then Went On To Success In His Own Band Titled With His Own Name?
  4. What Do Metalheads Throw Up In The Air At Metal Shows?
  5. What Is A Metal Ballad?
  6. Which Famed Metalhead Served Time For Killing A Band Mate And Burning Churches?
  7. Which Of The Following Is "NOT" A Black Metal Band?
  8. Cowboys From Hell Is A What?
  9. Which Band Is NOT A Band Phil Anselmo Has Been A Part Of?
  10. Which Guitarist Has NEVER Been A Part Of Ozzy Osbourne
  11. Who Was The Singer For The Female Fronted Band WARLOCK?
  12. "Electric Crown" Was The Name Of A Song By Which Band:
  13. Who Was The First Singer For Iron Maiden?
  14. What BAND Was Dave Mustaine Kicked Out Of?
  15. WHAT Famous Movie Star Has A Son In A Black Metal Band?

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Quiz topic: HOW METAL am I?