Are you a metalhead?

What this world needs is more METALHEADS! A metal head is a person who not only knows all there is to know about metal, but also lives a metal lifestyle.

Find out if you're a real metalhead, or just a fake poser that listens to emo hardcore categorizing it as metal. Take the quiz and find out your results

Created by: Metal
  1. Who was the first heavy metal band?
  2. Who invented the famous "devil horns" sign?
  3. EDDIE!
  4. Favorite band out of these?
  5. The lyrics, " There is nothing more for me, need the earth to set me free" and sung by which band?
  6. The big four?
  7. How did Dimebag Darrell die?
  8. Favorite song out of this list?
  9. Is it okay to listen to other kinds of music?
  10. "Big black shape with eyes of fire, telling people their desire" are lyrics from which song?

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Quiz topic: Am I a metalhead?