What do you know about metal

So,you think you are a metalhead. Test your skills here, on this pretty easy test. If you really are a metalhead, you'll have no trouble dealing with it.

I want to make it clear that screamo isn't actually metal,so emo kids stop calling yourselves metalheads. I'll just type random s--- now :D :D yeah lol,

Created by: karzon
  1. Which band started Heavy metal as we know it
  2. Which band was sued in accusation for lyrics that provoke suicide.
  3. Which musician/singer does NOT belong to the nu-metal scene.
  4. What was the underground metal shop in Norway called.
  5. Which one of these bands does not have a female singer.
  6. Which of these bands does belong to the Folk/Pagan metal genre.
  7. Which singer's band was famous before it even existed.
  8. Which death metal artist suffered from leukemia, but was recently cured.
  9. How does Varg vikernes call the raw black metal sound quality?
  10. Which guitarist was shot on stage?
  11. Which of these bands counts as progressive?
  12. Which black metal band consisted of 2 members.

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