How well do you know Edguy?

There is a host of bands out there. Some good some bad. There are also a lot of metal bands out there. Edguy just happens to be my favourite. And I wouldn't call myself obsessed yet, but I do listen to them every day.

What about you? Do you get burning mad when you aren't listening to them for 30 minutes or is this the first time you have heard of metal? Go do the quiz and see how well acquainted with the band you are!

Created by: Peter
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  1. What year was Edguy founded?
  2. Until the end of 2011, how many studio albums has Edguy published?
  3. Who is the lead vocalist(2011)?
  4. How was their first studio album called?
  5. Name the group of people that founded the band.
  6. Which of their studio albums reached the highest position in German charts prior to the release of Age of the joker?
  7. How many live albums did Edguy release before 2011?
  8. Which of the below was their first music video?
  9. Name the only former member of the band(2011).
  10. What landmark number of sold CDs has the band already topped(2011)?
  11. What two record labels has Edguy signed with so far(2011?
  12. Name the right country/city combination, where the band was founded.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Edguy?